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E -Ethical & Evidence Based Growth - We pledge to always be ethical in our methods and use evidence and research based techniques to grow your social media.

SStrategy - Creative, one of a kind strategy, built specifically for you and for your business. Not a one-sized-fits-all model.  

SSales - 100% track record of increasing our clients' sales through social media growth. Your growth is our growth and we work tirelessly to see your business grow!

EEmpathy - We're in the trenches with you. We work hard to learn your business, and we empathize with your struggles. Our job is to solve your problems.

NNoticeable - We will get you noticed! We GUARANTEE your social will stand out amongst competitors and drive attention to your business.

TTrustworthy - Our client relationship and trust is valued above all else. We vow that any business or trade secrets discussed are confidential.

I - Invested - For us to be successful, your business must grow. We are invested in not only your social media improvement, but the growth of your entire business.

A - Accessible -  We are always available for our clients. Our clients become like family, and we are never more than a phone call away.

L - Long Term Solutions - Our services are not quick fixes or cheap hacks for followers. We provide a relationship based services that enhances your business long term.

This is the ESSENTIAL Creative Co. promise. We work hard for our clients, and we look forward to hearing from you and working together to grow your business!

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